Special Interest Groups

Communicate, Educate, Advocate

ASBMT's members-only special interest groups (SIGs) provide an exclusive opportunity to get more deeply involved and actively engaged in your area of expertise by communicating with peers, learning best practices, educating the broader BMT community and advocating on issues of concern. Whether you're already a member of a SIG or interested in joining one, log in to access a SIG page and learn:

  • What the SIG does, and why you should join
  • How to become a member
  • How to become more involved if you're already a member
  • How to access additional resources in your area of expertise

Administrative Directors SIG

Share best practices, learn from previous presentations, join the exclusive Listserv to connect with peers, and make recommendations on national issues related to BMT program administration.

Learn more about the ASBMT Administrative Directors SIG

Cord Blood SIG

Promote the use of cord blood for transplantation, support the development of CB-derived cellular therapies and regenerative medicine applications, and advocate for CB banking and research.

Learn more about the ASBMT Cord Blood SIG

HCT Value and Health Economics SIG

The Special Interest Group (SIG) for hematopoietic cell transplant (HCT) value and health economics provides a national and international forum for the exchange of ideas, educational initiatives, research agenda setting, conducting collaborative research and dissemination on health economics and the value of HCT (e.g., costs and utilization of care, cost-effectiveness and – benefit analyses, patient-centered components of value and other health economic topics).

Learn more about the ASBMT HCT Value and Health Economics SIG

Nurse Practitioner / Physician Assistant SIG

Exchange ideas and information, promote the role of NPs and PAs in the field, give NPs and PAs a bigger voice in ASBMT, and get help with education, jobs and networking.

Learn more about the ASBMT NP/PA SIG

Pediatric SIG

Support educational and research efforts related to pediatric HCT, discuss issues and exchange ideas, and help coordinate Pediatric Day during the BMT Tandem Meetings.

Learn more about the ASBMT Pediatric SIG

Pharmacy SIG

Build your network, connect with peers on the exclusive Listserv and Google Groups forum, get the Pharmacy SIG newsletter, learn about research grants, and access educational and career resources.

Learn more about the ASBMT Pharmacy SIG

Transplant Infectious Diseases SIG

Increase your visibility within ASBMT, foster research, and promote collaboration among physicians, nurses and pharmacists who have an interest in infectious diseases and HCT.

Learn more about the ASBMT Transplant Infectious Diseases SIG

Transplant Nursing SIG

Learn, network, join the exclusive Listserv to discuss issues and exchange ideas with your peers, and help plan and organize the transplant nursing sessions at the BMT Tandem Meetings.

Learn more about the ASBMT Nursing SIG