ASBMT Email ListServs Make Communicating Easy

Have you ever wanted to reach out to your peers to ask a question, gather their opinions, discuss a very specific topic, or benchmark processes, performance or best practices?  

ASBMT has seven different e-mail ListServs that make communicating with your peers easy, including:  

Admin Directors
Cord Blood
Infectious Disease
NPs and PAs
Transplant Nursing

What is a listserv you may ask?  A listserv is an e-mail group of like-minded individuals who opt-in to take part in topic-specific discussions by way of e-mail.  

For instance, the ASBMT Pharmacy listserv group recently discussed their experiences using magnesium protein complexes.  Listserv members discussed pill burden, insurance coverage, alternatives, and GI side effects in various age groups.  

The ASBMT Administrative Directors listserv group recently discussed current practices relative to administration of live vaccines and determination of immune competence.  Listserv members shared detailed tables and vaccination timelines for autologous and allogeneic transplant recipients receiving, and not receiving post-transplant maintenance therapy.   

So you see, discussions can get very specific and quite detailed.  

Still not convinced you should join?  Even if you don’t find yourself in need of reaching out to your peers to gather information on a regular basis, the listservs are an opportunity for you network and to help others who may be in need of your knowledge and experience!  

To participate in one of the many ASBMT Listservs, you must be a member of the corresponding Special Interest Group.  SIG Membership is free to all ASBMT Members.  If you’d like to join a SIG and begin participating in one of our current listserv discussions, or start your own discussion, please contact Ulyana Fenyn at