NBC-5 Chicago News Anchor Rob Stafford to Undergo Bone Marrow Transplant

Chicago news anchor Rob Stafford has been diagnosed with a rare blood disorder and will take a leave of absence from the station for several months as he undergoes a bone marrow transplant and chemotherapy.

Stafford credited his wife, Lisa, for pushing him to get an early diagnosis that doctors say greatly improved his prognosis. He is scheduled to begin treatment Friday at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.

Stafford's disorder, called amyloidosis, occurs when an abnormal protein called amyloid is produced in bone marrow that can be deposited in tissues and organs.  

"I consider this early diagnosis a gift that left to my own devices I would not have received," Stafford wrote. "I'm going to take full advantage of my good fortune and hit this head on with the most aggressive and proven treatment available."  

Lisa Stafford will be posting updates about her husband's condition on a blog: staffordrecovery.com. Rob Stafford also will offer updates on his Facebook Fan page.

Source: Chicago Tribune.  Read the full story at chicagotribune.com