AGENDA ASBMT Committee on Education


ASBMT Committee on Education

Thursday, February 23, 2017

By Invitation

7:00 AM - 8:30 AM

Room: St. George #104



Mark R. Litzow, MD, Co-Chair

Miguel-Angel Perales, MD, Co-Chair

Liaisons: Ken Luurs / Maureen Knight



1.          Review of January 25, 2017 CoE minutes 

2.          Pharmacist Fundamentals program for Tandem (Stricherz)

3.          Certification Survey (Malone)

4.          Regional Course (Cochran/Tierney)

5.          Clinical Case Forum (Woods/Luurs)

6.          Early Referral Slides (Krishnan/Perales)

7.          Live Streaming (Virtual Meeting) (Litzow)

8.          Online Educational Webinars Development (Wood)

9.          App Update (Perales)

10.       ONS Course (Luurs)

11.       PIMs (Luurs)

12.       Online Journal Club (Wood)

13.       ASBMT Website postings of recordings/slide presentations (Wood/Perales)

14.       2017 Committee on Education and Subcommittee on Web-based Learning Meeting schedules

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